.NET Twins in Action!

I just peaked into a workshop hosted by the .NET Twins. Ralf and Christian’s role in that workshop has been to found a virtual project and the attendees have been hired to build it.

The interesting part about that is the way attendees discussing among each other and trying to find a common way to build the proper solution. The learning from individual experiences and view points in such a short time frame is something you don’t get out there anywhere and is definitely worth to spend time on.

Cool workshop!

Distributed Why or Indigo How?

There is an interesting post about the current Longhorn Developer Preview European Tour. Clemens is explaining what his experience was and is about delivering the Indigo message. Tiago is complaining his decision. Of course you can assume that people who are interested in Indigo should have a good fundamental knowledge in designing distributed applications. These people would love to see how Indigo is addressing a lot of problems they have today. But two things you have still to consider in that case:

  1. As this are in most places one day events with one track you automatically stay in the session. Even if you never designed distributed systems. I guess this is still pretty much of the audience as there is more to see like Avalon and WinFS for example.
  2. The bits are still in development and especially the Indigo team mentioned that the next milestone will have a bunch of changes. So to demo something is not without risk as what you show could be completely changed in a few weeks.

Considering this points, I totally agree with Clemens in explaining firstly the why and then go into the how.

Soon back at work

What a strange feeling. Next week I will be back at work. I had meanwhile 6 weeks off and I really enjoyed it.

Now I prepare myself for the next tasks. The biggest one is the Technical Summit 2004 in Kassel, Germany. As Technical Content Manager it is quite difficult to manage this from vacations. But now that the sessions are final, I hope we will have an agenda which will focus on the topics people are interested in. I’m glad that we could get John Montgomery as Keynote speaker and further Ronald Laeremans from the C++ team. Debra L. Weissmann will be giving Hillel Coopermans User Experience talk from the PDC 2003. Our technology specialists from Microsoft Deutschland will be covering Whidbey, Yukon and even Longhorn. Ralf Westphal, Christian Weyer, Clemens Vasters and Bernd Marquadt will also join as Regional Directors. I’m really looking forward for this event.

Myself is not speaking, I think that as TCM this is not a good idea. But I will express myself at the ASP conference on ObjectSpaces.

Oh, I also managed it to install my new D800 from Dell. A nice notebook with a fantastic screen resolution of 1920 x 1200. Too bad that this is not of use for presentations giving through a standard beamer.

Microsoft Technical Summit 2004

Microsoft Technical Summit 2004 will be held on March 2nd and March 3rd in Kassel, Germany . The conference will be covering tracks about Whidbey, Yukon, Longhorn and Architecture. As the event is in Germany most content will be presented in German language. If you are able to understand German, here is the link to the conference web site.